About Tedd

Tedd Taskey, MS, LMFT

Tedd M. Taskey, MS, LMFT resides in Denver, Colorado serving as a psychotherapist and executive trainer.  In private practice, Tedd works with couples and individuals moving through a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and anger management.  Although Tedd’s clients vary in age, race, education, and experience, his practice specializes in serving the unique needs and challenges of the high-powered, “A-type” personalities who often hold stressful positions of power and authority.

Born in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts in 1968, Tedd brings a wide range of life experience and formal training into the therapeutic setting for his clients.  After graduating with two undergraduate degrees from Boston College in 1990, Tedd spent a year in Central America as a volunteer teacher teaching English and Psychology at a community college. He also provided counseling services for students in need.

Upon returning to the United States, Tedd spent several years in Hollywood, California as a writer, actor, producer, and director working in TV, Theatre and film.  This experience fueled a desire to better understand human motivation, behavior and the human condition.

Tedd has also served in the United States Naval Reserves as an intelligence specialist analyzing top secret information to support the fleet.  Serving in this capacity developed Tedd’s sensitivity to the importance of confidentiality, which he affords all of his clients.

Tedd’s career history also includes several years working in corporate America.  Tedd understands the awesome pressures of corporate America in the Fortune 500 arena as well as the start-up setting.  His executive titles include Senior Marketing Executive, Executive Recruiter and as a Corporate Education Liaison.  These experiences allow Tedd to speak the stressful, corporate language of profit & loss, mergers & acquisitions, and meeting the demands of Wall Street.

Being a husband and a parent has provided Tedd with the inherent rewards and challenges that come with being married and raising children.  While balancing the demands of parenthood and corporate America, Tedd earned his Master’s Degree in counseling psychology from University of Phoenix in Denver with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.  After successfully completing his internship at The People House, he established his private practice which has been successfully serving the community since 2011.  Tedd continues to serve People House as a supervisor for graduate students fulfilling clinical internship requirements to become psychotherapists.