Executive Training

Are you ready to move from good to great?

Corporate Trainings Offered:

 Decision Making

  • Learn and adopt a proven system for looking at all of your options when faced with difficult decisions

  • Effectively vet all possible options and outcomes of your decision

  • Gracefully change course when your original decision proved to be less than optimal

  • Develop strategies to handle dissent and disapproval for your decisions

Effective Communication Strategies (ECS)

  • Learn how to communicate in a concise, effective manner

  • Reduce stress when dealing with conflict

  • Practice effective listening skills that build integrity, trust and productivity

  • Develop trust and value in those with whom you communicate

Emotional Regulation (Anger Management)

  • Understand your emotions and the neural circuitry of the brain that produces emotions

  • Learn how to regulate yourself when your emotions are attempting to hijack your logic

  • Gain skills to remain calm under stressful situations

Effective Relationship Management

  • Appropriate boundary management

  • Stop agreeing to people’s requests that you cannot fit into your schedule

  • Learn how to repair relationships through ownership of your mistakes

  • Learn how to apologize without compromising your integrity

  • Accept apologies graciously without condoning unacceptable behavior​