For Couples

If you’re in an unhappy relationship you have three choices:
fix it, end it, or stay unhappy.

Unfortunately, most couples tend to stay in an unfulfilled relationship because they have grown accustom to the unhappiness or just don’t have the courage to do the work necessary to bring about a positive change.  If you have reached a point where you don’t want to be in an unfulfilling relationship any more, you owe it to yourself to find the truth of your relationship and move forward together regardless of where that truth takes you.

I work with my couples to build a peaceful, supportive relationship.   Using the techniques of Relational Life Therapy, anger management, and psychodynamics, we apply a very specific process which teaches couples how to better understand themselves as individuals and their relationship as a couple.  We dig deep into the causes behind your dysfunctional ways and learn how to make better choices.  You will learn very specific communication skills that create peaceful, healthy interactions between you and your partner.

Although I always work towards making the relationship work, if the truth reveals that the couple should no longer be together, we work towards a peaceful parting of ways with dignity and respect.  I will never attempt to force a couple together if they decide they are better off apart.  Regardless of the final “status” of the relationship, you will both gain valuable communication skills, personal insight and emotional management skills that will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

The approach is direct and directive.  No skirting issues. No unbridled “venting” and blaming.  No meandering and avoiding difficult topics.  Together, we identify the issues, wants and needs of each person, set agreed upon goals and timeline for results.  If you’re serious about couples work, this approach proves to be highly effective and successful.