What is the meaning behind “EPIC”?

The name “Epic Counseling” is derived from the Greek philosopher Epictetus who said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”  Sometimes life’s difficulties can be so overwhelming that we react with despair, depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior.  A healthy therapeutic process involves processing life’s difficulties and painful experiences in a safe, but challenging environment so one can find self-understanding, peace, and happiness.

Do you take insurance?

No.  However, I will produce a receipt designed to be submitted to your insurance carrier which will include all necessary information (ICD-10 codes, Diagnosis, License number, etc.) so you can request reimbursement.  There is NO GUARANTEE that your insurance will reimburse you.
Often times, if your insurance will not reimburse, they will allow your payments to apply towards your deductible, but each insurance program is different and there is NO GUARANTEE that they will allow your expense to be applied to deductible.

How do I schedule a session?

Click on the “contact us” tab and send email, or call 720-775-7746.

What form of payment to you accept?

Visa, Mater, Discover and HSA cards as well as checks or cash.

How much does a session cost?

$200 per session (55mins)
Some clients prefer 2hr individual sessions or 1 ½ sessions which are prorated accordingly.

How many sessions are needed in therapy?

This varies tremendously.  I’ve had some clients make just one visit because they wanted to process a particular event or gain insight into a particular issue.  Some clients with deeper issues, trauma, etc. visit for over 20 sessions.  If I averaged out all of my clients, it would probably work out to about 8 – 10 sessions.
I am very cognizant of people’s time and money.  I want you out of my office, living your life as soon as possible.  I do not believe in meandering, aimless therapy.  It is my belief that one can only absorb a certain amount of growth and insight at any given season of life. Once you reach that threshold, you need to take a hiatus from therapy, returning if/when you feel it would be helpful.
Because all of my clients write out goals for therapy, we always know where we are in the process and avoid unnecessary, prolonged visits. My commitment to my clients is to always let them know when we should wrap up the therapeutic journey.

Do you offer phone or Skype sessions?

Yes, but only for established clients who have created a relationship in the office first.  I have clients that travel frequently or have moved out of state.  I will accommodate these clients by phone or skype.