For Powerful People

It really is lonely at the top.   Corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, business owners, professional athletes, professors, public figures, etc. are often isolated due to their position of power.  They are often trapped in the spotlight which demands strength, leadership, and an unwavering show of self-assuredness — no room for uncertainty, weakness, or error.   You are in the arena, making the difficult decisions, ensuring the restless nights dealing with mergers, acquisitions, lawsuits, hiring & firing, policy decisions and sometimes life & death decisions.   You are the one who has to face the board of trustees, deal with Wall Street, the media, etc.  You are the one who has to stand and answer to critics while the rest of the world passes judgment.

This life offers unique challenges and pitfalls.  Many times powerful people fall victim to entitlement behavior which can be abusive and destructive to their personal and professional relationships.   After all, who dare stand up to the boss?   Furthermore, to whom can the boss turn to when feeling uncertain, insecure, or scared?

Working with this population is one of my greatest privileges because the impact of the therapeutic journey is so far reaching.  Providing the powerful person with a safe environment to be human, work through issues, improve communication skills, and develop a deepersenseofself-enables him or her to lead with greater skill and confidence.